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Bladder Cancer Risk Factors Health Articles | October 28, 2011
The sixth most prevalent type of cancer in USA is bladder cancer. Annually 45,000 cases among men and 17,000 cases among women are detected. It is the fourth most commonly occurring cancer in male...

The sixth most prevalent type of cancer in USA is bladder cancer. Annually 45 Cheap Yeezy Boost 700 ,000 cases among men and 17,000 cases among women are detected. It is the fourth most commonly occurring cancer in males and the ninth most commonly occurring cancer among females. Similar to most of the other types of cancer, there are no definitive reasons for onset of bladder cancer. There are however, several risk factors associated with bladder cancer. Most of the risk factors are external like smoking and access to cancer causing chemicals.

All details herein provided on behalf of the Actos & bladder cancer attorneys of Goldberg & Osborne is for educative purposes only.

Smoking: Smoking is one of the most significant risk factor of bladder cancer. The number of cigarettes smoked per day and frequency are related to the risk of bladder cancer. Even exposure to second hand smoke is detrimental. The chance of developing bladder cancer is twice as much in smokers compared to non smokers. It results in the death of half the bladder cancer patients among men and about one thirds among women.

The carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) present in cigarette smoke are absorbed in the lungs and carried via the bloodstream to the kidneys. It is then filtered and concentrated in the urine stored in the bladder. These carcinogens may ruin the lining inside the bladder causing cancerous mutations.

Age: The risk of developing bladder cancer increases with age. Most bladder cancer cases are detected when the person is well past hisher 60s. Roughly around 9 out of 10 people diagnosed with bladder cancer are over 55 years old.

Race: Caucasians are two times more likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer when compared to African Americans. Hispanics Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 V2 , Asian Americans and American Indians show lowest rates of bladder cancer. The reasons for such disparity are unclear.

Chemical exposure: Certain chemicals that a person is exposed to in the workplace can cause genetic alterations and these can become carcinogenic at a later stage. Aromatic amines, arsenics, nitrates and, aniline and acrolein dyes are such chemicals. Aromatic amines are found in many products like dyes Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 , paints, solvents and inks. Therefore the risk group includes painters; people employed in dye, textile and rubber factories.

Family medical history: A history of bladder cancer or even kidney cancer in the family, places a person at the risk of developing bladder cancer. This is because bladder cancer is correlated with genetic mutation which may be passed down to generations via DNA.

Goldberg & Osborne Cheap Yeezy Boost Shoes , a personal injury law firm, has provided this article for informational purposes only, written by an independent author, and has not reviewed or edited this article and is not responsible for its content or accuracy.

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